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Business Success Score Card


1. Do you have a proactive system for creating positive content about your business and disseminating it on the web?

2. Do you have a system for monitoring what is being said about your business on the web and social media?

3. Is your marketing budget developed to include a proven marketing system of getting your name, products and service in front of massive ideal clients, while cutting your advertising cost in half, at the same time, increasing your ROI by 25%?

4. What system are you using to generate referrals, through client proof testimonials, reviews, and success stories which encourage ideal clients to do business with you now while giving you at least a 20% edge over competition?

5. Do you effectively and powerfully use your reviews and testimonials in all the marketing, advertising and sales efforts you do?

6. Do you have respected people in your field, market or industry who will endorse you and your company without hesitation?

7. Do you have attrition reduction or client retention program in place to minimize inactive buyers?

8. How would you evaluate your visibility on the internet in reaching your ideal client, generating quality leads which increase sales and profits?

9. Do you have complete business listing profiles in the major search engines?

10. Do you have an active social media presence?

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