How to Make More Profits without Spending More Money on Advertising

How to Make More Profits without Spending More Money on Advertising thumbnail

There are ways that you can increase your profits without spending additional capital on advertising:


1)      Convert more of your prospects to patients


2)      Get your patients to buy more products or services


3)      Get your patient to move up in price for their purchase to get more value


Whether your practice sells from its internet site or from its front door, the biggest challenge for you isn’t how to get more traffic until you are maximizing the traffic that you are currently getting. Here are some ways to think about whether or not you are maximizing your traffic:


First, are you carefully tracking your leads and prospects when they come to your practice? Do you know how they found you?


Second, once they are on your website, do you know how many decide to become your patient?


Third, those that do decide to become your patient, are you and your staff taking advantage of opportunities to sell them something of more value or something that will make their original purchase more valuable?


Get your patients to come more often to your office. If you can get every patient to come in one or two times more per year than they would have done otherwise, you will have significantly increased your profits without having spent more money on advertising. Are you notifying your patients to take advantage of any insurance that they may have available before the end of the year?


One of the best ways to do that is to have a customer database of some kind. There are a number of ways to build one and you should use every available avenue to reach your potential customer.


The formula for maintaining a successful customer database is capture, communicate and reward.


Capture: First, you need to have a way of encouraging would-be patients to give you their contact information for the purpose of keeping in contact with them. Every place your patient comes in contact with your practice, they should have the chance of becoming part of your database.


Communicate: Second, you must be in contact with the people on your database on a regular basis. You can call it a newsletter. You can do it by email, regular mail or by mobile device. In order to get people to come back to your practice or your website, you will need to make sure they are aware of your special deals and what your practice is up to.


Reward: For being your patient or getting your newsletter, there should be some ‘insider’ perk or reward. Give them opportunities to get special information and offers unavailable anyplace else but your notices. This will encourage them to stay in your database.

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