The Secret of Generating Sales With Your Website

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Just having a website and putting it online is not enough to get money in your bank account. Many business owners are under the false impression that having a website is the savior of their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


In today’s technologically advanced culture, having a website is simply mandatory. In fact, you are viewed as a dinosaur if you do not have website. From a customer’s perspective, having a website is not seen as a huge advantage. From a customer’s perspective every business should have a website.


It’s best to view your website as a separate tool that you could use to generate sales, instead of viewing it as the answer to all your sales woes. After all, it’s not the website that sets you apart; it is about your USP and your ability to consistently attract prospectss to your website.


Promoting the heck out of your website is one very effective but underrated online strategy that can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Your website address should be advertised on your business cards, emails, receipts, and anywhere else you can think of.


A website that actually generates money may seem like a far-fetched idea for most business owners, but it doesn’t have to be a fantasy for you. However, you must be willing to make a few simple changes. For most business owners, therein lies the problem. See, chances are that you don’t have the foggiest idea about what it takes to turn your basic website into a money maker. So, I will give you some direction on the steps you must take in order to transform your website expense into a stream of revenue.


The first component of a successful website is making sure that your website looks professional and clearly shows your products, services, contact phone number and directions to your practice. There is nothing more frustrating than having to search all over a website to find a phone number or office address.  If you have a reputable practice, then you should post as much information on your website about your products and services as possible.


Secondly, your website must have a opt-in form to capture your prospects email address. You have probably seen this email opt-in form on other websites that you frequent. An opt-in form is a place on your website that asks a website visitor for their email address in exchange for something like a free report, discount coupon or newsletter subscription. However, you must offer highly desirable “lead magnet” in exchange for a prospect’s email address. When it comes to lead magnets, it’s important that your prospects view your offer as valuable and are willing to give you their email address, your lead magnet can be just about anything.


Third, your website must have a method to connect with website visitors in a personal way.  You can use video, audio or a simple head shot photo on the home page which gives the website visitor a personalized greeting from you. The video can be recorded with a simple digital camera and then uploaded to Once it’s on YouTube, you can then put the video on your website.  If you already have a website, then you can get your web designer and tech guy to make all of these specific changes.


The fourth change should be making sure you have emails pre-programmed into your website, which are automatically sent out to prospects who signed up to receive your lead magnet. By pre-programming your emails, it appears as if you are following up with every prospect personally.  This will give you the ability to follow up with your leads automatically for as long as you want.


These are just a few of the major changes which should be made to your website in order to convert prospects into patients. There are many more changes, but the one principle you need to remember is this: Hire an experienced marketer to design your website to sell. Don’t make the mistake of allowing a graphic designer or tech guy design your website without the input and guidance of an experienced marketer. Otherwise, you will have a beautiful website that never makes you a dime.

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